By: Tara Blue
A new business is wiggling its way into the market and it’s not afraid to get its hands dirty. The Hollis Farm in Hartsburg is on a mission to help Southern Boone agriculture become more independent and self-sustainable.

They sell red wiggler worms, premium “black gold” worm castings (worm poop), and nutrient-rich vermicompost tea (worm tea) for all your growing needs. Unlike common fertilizers, their products offer an eco-friendly, non-toxic solution for greener, healthier, and more abundant plants.

Brothers Justin and Nathan Hollis grew up on a small cattle farm in Vienna, MO. They moved to the city after high school, but quickly realized they weren’t interested in what urban lifestyle had to offer. They started the farm in November 2022 for several reasons. In their own words,

“Firstly, Southern Boone County is renowned for its strong gardening community, and worm castings are a terrific addition to any garden. Secondly, the supportive and tight-knit community here has been instrumental in helping us establish and expand our business. Lastly, Southern Boone County’s proximity to major markets and agricultural resources has provided us with great opportunities in the industry. All these factors combined made it the perfect place to kickstart our worm business. Owning our own business is important to us because it allows us the freedom to turn our passion into a profession.”

Vermicompost tea, aka worm tea, is a 100% natural fertilizer that is made using worm castings (poop). The red wigglers digest organic material that is thrown into their worm bins, then the Hollis brothers use the worm castings to brew their worm tea.

The tea is brewed in a similar manner to tea brewed for human consumption, then is used to water plants. Worm tea helps to improve soil health, as it redistributes nutrients back into the soil without adding toxic chemicals and increases the beneficial bacteria in the soil that is naturally produced by the worms.

The Hollis brothers say they appreciate the support they’ve received so far, as both have recently started a family, and look forward to helping Southern Boone grow in a sustainable direction. Visit their website, Facebook, or Instagram to view their winter deals and watch videos on how to create your own household worm bin for your own leftover food scraps.

For more information:
Call: 573-305-2811
Facebook: Hollis Farm LLC