When a happy occasion is being announced I would rather hear “come”, instead of “go away.” Such an occasion is being announced at the end of every day. As surely as the sun sets every day, we can depend upon the fact that a day is coming when the sun will set and will not rise again. Jesus said the day is coming when the heavens above us and the earth beneath us will pass away and He will return to judge all people. On that day, some people will hear Him say “come” and others will hear Him say “go away.”
In Matthew 25:34 Jesus said, “come you who are blessed by my Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundations of the earth.” They have heard the word of the Father and they have been blessed by the work of the Holy Spirit sent by the Father.

They acknowledge that God is the creator, that He is holy, altogether perfect and since He is their creator He expects the same of them. To their dismay they admit that they are not perfect, they have failed to do the good that they could have done, they have done the evil that they wish they had not done. They realize there is nothing they can do to change the situation. But the Father has blessed them, giving them the ability to believe that Jesus has taken away their sin and thereby has made it possible for them and God to live in a loving communion.

In their baptism, God has invited them to come into His family; He has placed His name upon them and has given them the assurance that that relationship will not ever change. Forever He will be their loving Father; forever they will be His beloved children. Because they are His children, they love Him and day by day they do the things that they know are pleasing to Him. They do those things not to become a child of God but because they are a child of God.

And through that eternal word, they are certain that they will inherit all that belongs to the Father. Eternal life in His presence, a perfect life and a perfect body fit to live forever; and they are content to wait until they get there to see what a perfect life and a perfect heaven will look like.

Who will hear the word “come” or the word “go away” is determined by their life here upon this earth. All who believe in Jesus, love God, and love their neighbor and do what such a love directs them to do. They will hear Jesus speak those happy words.

The sun sets earlier these shorter days. As you watch it set tomorrow give thanks to God for the blessings, He has given to you in His word through His son Jesus Christ.

Elmer Schiefer
Pastor, Family of Christ Lutheran Church