By: Travis Naughton

“Last chance to back out. I won’t think less of anyone who’s had a change of heart,” Blackjack said to the people who had pledged to help him bring his family’s killer to justice. After Captain Davis and his first mate Douglas Broussard heard Blackjack’s tale of heartbreak while guiding their flatboat down the Arkansas River, they decided to ferry Blackjack and Jane all the way to New Orleans, where the Devil who had put a bounty on Blackjack’s head was believed to reside.

“Nonsense, Mr. Blackjack,” the captain said. “We made you a promise, and we intend to keep it. The plan’s a good one, as far as I can figure, and between the element of surprise and Mr. Broussard’s knowledge of the area, I like our chances.”

“I appreciate your confidence, Captain,” Blackjack said. “But I’ll remind you that he’s already killed two people I care about. He won’t hesitate to gun down anyone who corners him.”

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