The conversation in the room has been about an event that happened recently in the community. Various opinions have been expressed. They ask you what you think? As you speak your opinion many heads nod with approval and when you finish speaking all the people agree that what you have said makes sense and would be a good solution. That is a flattering situation.

The same thing happens in the church from time to time as various questions arise and solutions are needed. In the church it is helpful if all the people are guided by what the apostle wrote in Romans 12:3, “Let no one think more highly of himself than what he ought to think, but to think with sober judgment according to the measure of faith that God has given.” If that attitude guides all people, it prevents one person saying, “unless you do it my way, I’m going to leave the church.”

A healthy attitude among the people is possible as everyone realizes they are members of the church by the Grace of God and each one has received one or more gifts from God that can be used for the benefit of the whole church. Just like our human body has many members and as each member contributes its function, the body is healthy and is able to carry out its intentions.
Christians are human beings and as long as we live on this earth we are still influenced by our selfishness and sometimes that gets out of hand. And a person thinks that everybody should agree that his or her opinion is the only one that should count and be accepted by all. In such a situation, with Christian charity, we can point such a person to what the apostle wrote in Romans 12 and in love help such a person realize that we all are members of the church, equally important to the Lord, equally equipped to provide the church with a benefit of the gift that God has given.

Peace in the church, as also in our family, is much preferred to a dictatorship. Let there be peace on Earth and in true Christian humility we add and let it begin with me.

I pray your church family is a happy congenial congregation in which Jesus is glorified as the head.

Elmer Schiefer
Pastor. Family of Christ Lutheran Church