By: Travis Naughton

In the 1993 hit comedy “Groundhog Day”, Bill Murray plays TV weatherman Phil Connors, a cynic who becomes trapped in a time loop, doomed to repeat February 2nd over and over again until he can figure out a way to break the cycle and turn the page to February 3. Phil tries everything he can think of to break free, including suicide, but it’s only when he sets aside his selfish desires that he is finally able to move on with his life. I don’t know about you, but to me the last two years have felt an awful lot like being stuck in a time loop. It seems like the world has fallen into a rut during the pandemic. Millions of people around the world have died of Covid-19, yet day after day, folks continue to have the same arguments about the virus. Covid is real vs. Covid is a hoax. Mask mandates slow the spread of disease vs. Mandatory masking is akin to the Holocaust. Vaccines are safe and effective vs. Vaccines are the government’s way of tracking us. Will these disagreements ever end, and will we ever be able to move on? As long as we have a fixed mindset, we will never move on.

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