By: Frank Burkett

Because of the invasion, by the Soviet Union of Afghanistan in 1979, Jimmy Carter had the boldness to boycott the summer Olympics of 1980, to be held in the Soviet Union. Other countries did the boycott also. It was a stunning blow to 150 of our athletes that had trained for years, in hopes of going to the Olympics. Should Joe Biden do the same to China, for them doing a whole lot worse? Such as starting the worldwide Pandemic, originating in Wuhan, China, killing millions, over all the world. Also, reports of human rights atrocities, that has been attributed to China. China has mandated a certain app to be attached to all of the athletes phones. The athletes have been told by their governments, to use burner phones for privacy. China, also has forbid and made overtones of punishment, to anyone from making any scathing remarks of the Chinese government.

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