On Saturday, a small group of dedicated Southern Boone youth wrestlers, and their Moms, chose to take a little trip to a wrestling tournament in Rolla. This tournament was never originally on the club’s schedule, however, any wrestler who possesses an official USA Wrestling ID card may register for just about any tournament they wish during the wrestling season. Their trip yielded much success! Additionally, on Sunday, another tournament, which was much closer to home, took place in Fulton. This tournament had a few more Southern Boone youth wrestlers in attendance than Rolla’s did. Here are the results!


Rolla Tournament Gunnar Bolinger – Champion Sam Leininger – Champion Rigen Kahler – Champion Sawyer Bolinger – Champion Harper Kahler – 3rd Place Fulton Tournament Harper Kahler – Champion Gunnar Bolinger – Champion Weston Wilmoth – Champion Rigen Kahler – 2nd place Bowen Bartow – 2nd place Landon Koch – 2nd place Elliott Quinn – 2nd place Wyatt Shanks – 3rd place Andrew Pasley – 3rd place Blaine Bergthold – 3rd place