By: Frank Burkett

I have no problem with those that buy EV autos, and perhaps I may get one of my own, but I doubt it. The Lefties are promoting the EV auto. Buy electric vehicles, and save the planet. Is that the best answer, a greenie, can come up with? The EV is great, but has many faults. One, that those in promoting the EV won’t tell you. As long as you can trade them for another, all is okay. But eventually someone will have to dispose of it. If it comes down to your vehicle being beyond trade, it will be up to you to dispose of the auto. Say I have an old EV, that is beyond usefulness. I am afraid it will be like buying tires or another battery. A surcharge of sizeable proportions, will be added to the EV for disposal of the relic. The battery is where the rub is. Also if your battery becomes un-chargeable and you have to replace it, there will be a huge disposal charge. There are uses for the Lithium-ion EV battery after its use in the vehicle, but eventually it will have to be recycled. Many will be illegally dumped in the environment, where it will contaminate soil and waterways. When I Google disposing of EV batteries they won’t give me a cost.

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