By: Travis Naughton

While Blackjack and Jane rehashed the finer details of their plan to lure the murderous Jackson Boudreaux to the room they’d rented above the Globe Hotel’s gambling hall, Captain Davis fetched the horses and led them to the rear of the building where they would be ready in case Blackjack and Jane needed to make a hasty escape. Meanwhile Mr. Broussard, the captain’s first mate, ordered himself a drink at the bar and kept his eyes trained on the front door, in anticipation of Boudreaux’s arrival.

Though Broussard had never seen him before, he knew at once that the heavily scarred figure that darkened the doorway a short time later was undoubtedly that of the Devil who had killed Blackjack’s family. A cold chill ran down his spine, and he ordered another drink to calm his nerves. Broussard watched Boudreaux make his way to a poker table, and Jane appeared at the foot of the stairs, as expected, a few minutes later. She discreetly glanced at Broussard, then approached Boudreaux’s table. “Mind if I sit in?” she asked while locking eyes with the Devil.