Ask Rusty – I Have Medicare Advantage – Why Is a Medicare Premium Deducted from my Social Security? Dear Rusty: My wife and I have a Medicare Advantage Plan, and we do not use Medicare for our claims. However, we still have the Medicare premium deducted from our Social Security checks. Is this correct? Signed: Wondering Dear Wondering: If, after age 65, you choose to take Medicare outpatient coverage of any kind you must pay that Part B premium, even if you decide to acquire a Medicare Advantage plan instead of using “original Medicare” to administer your healthcare claims. Medicare Advantage plans (often referred to as Medicare “Part C”) are healthcare plans offered by private insurers who will administer your healthcare claims instead of the Federal Government. But you cannot get a Medicare Advantage plan without first being enrolled in Medicare Part A (inpatient hospitalization coverage) and Part B (coverage for outpatient services) and paying any associated Part B (and perhaps Part A) premium.

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