Ask Rusty – Military Wife Turning 65 Seeks Information About Medicare

Dear Rusty: My husband is 63 and I will be 65 in a few months. He’s retired from the Air Force, so we currently have Tricare Select. As I understand it, I only need to sign up for Medicare Part B, which I think I can do now. Can I do this online, or do I need to go somewhere to enroll? And how do I find the cost? We also currently are enrolled in and pay for FEDVIP for our dental and vision. Is vision handled under Medicare? All our adult life we’ve just used Air Force bases and now we have to pay attention and we don’t know where to start. Any guidance is appreciated. Signed: Retired Military Wife

Dear Military Wife: First, please extend my gratitude to your husband for his military service. I’m happy to assist you with your questions.

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