Dr. Glenn Mollette

If you worked hard for a scholarship, paid your way through school, paid back loans or your family sacrificed for you to go to school, President Biden has shown that you were a big dummy.

Don’t knock yourself out.  Just sit back and the government will throw you some crumbs to take care of you.

In a move that Biden had promised during his campaign he erased between $10,000 to $20,000 of debt from millions of Americans college spending spree extravaganza.  Years ago, Americans starting learning to spend money like it’s water. Maybe they thought, “I won’t have to pay it back”. Their dream has come true. You and I along with the rest of America’s tax payers will get to pay at least a half trillion dollars of this debt.

This is just what you had been hoping for! More taxes! Oh wait, just those rich people in America will have to pay this off, right? Every American on some level will share in this new financial burden.

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