By: Travis Naughton

I have worn a lot of different hats since Bethany and I moved to Southern Boone County in 1999. I’ve been a meat cutter, a groundskeeper, a car salesman, a retail store manager, a stay-at-home parent, and for the last ten years, I’ve been a columnist for the Boone County Journal. I was the “Voice of the Eagles” for several years, working as the public address announcer at home football games, a few track meets, and a softball game or two. And I have united over twenty couples in the bonds of matrimony since I became an ordained minister in 2010. But there’s one hat in particular, one that I’ve proudly worn for the last nine years, that most people around here associate with Travis Naughton; the hat of a substitute teacher. Today, my friends, I am officially hanging up my teacher hat.

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