By: Frank Burkett

I covered some recent terms in an earlier LTTE, but now another term has been brought fourth, CRITICAL RACE THEORY. Not only that, but it is being force-fed to our elementary, Jr. High, High School and on through higher education in colleges and universities, to students by the faculty. Leftist billionaires, Congress persons, and some in White House positions are instigators, plus perpetuating CRT. Definition of racism, is some one who believes their race is more intelligent, moral, and better than your race. Let us go a step further and point the finger at anyone who puts their own race down, plus their own Country. CRT describes itself, by being critical of your own race. Of course in this day and time it is some in my own race, apologizing for being Caucasian, and that makes us privileged. I am Caucasian, and I don’t consider myself privileged. I love my status, because I was born in the greatest Country on planet earth. I worked, served my GREAT Country honorably in the military, helped in raising a beautiful family, and now retired. If our Country is racist, to whom are we racist too? We elected a Black President twice. We now have a woman of color as VP. Many high populated municipalities, have as Mayors, City Councils, Police Chiefs which they are of Afro-American heritage and Hispanic.

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