By: Frank Burkett

My thoughts are about the spending of money, which we will have to borrow from many years into the future. Several months ago, I wrote about the money that our Federal Government spends. I am not saying the onus is only on the Biden Administration, for the recent influx of money into circulation. When the pandemic was let loose from the Chinese laboratory in Wuhan, China, President Trump crafted a stimulus spending bill of 2.3 trillion dollars. That massive spending bill was passed, with bipartisan support, to keep our country, and our citizens from massive mortgage defaults, keep businesses afloat, vaccine for the pandemic, health facilities and their employees, Pandemic supplies, first responders and etc. That amount was distributed to our population through state government agencies. But when you put that much money into circulation, with little oversight, graft and corruption is immanent. Most of us have read, where some of the previous Administration’s stimulus money bill, that was passed in 2020 has gone unused. I’ll bet it is being used though, either by an unscrupulous politicians or scammers.

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