By: Dr. Glenn Mollette

Enjoyable weather is coming soon. For many parts of the country September through November offers many pleasant days. Don’t waste them by spending all your time starring at the television or Facebook. You still have some life to live. Spending four or five hours a day watching what everyone else is doing is a waste of your time.

There are programs you enjoy and news events that grab our attention. There are a few people you enjoy keeping up with via social media. After this, get a life. Do you want to spend the rest of your life with your head bent down starring at a tablet or a cell phone? You might get to a point where all you can do is sit in your chair and stare at the television. I’ve seen many good people who at the end of their lives who could do nothing but watch television or stare into space.  Often our bodies get to where that’s all we can do. Is this all you can do now? Consider your daily options.

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