By Stellan Harris,

Public Services Librarian

There’s nothing better for a relaxed gathering of friends than kicking back and enjoying a game, whether it be with cards, a board or any other kind. In recent history, the ways that we play games have changed in significant and fascinating ways. While some classic games are still enjoyed, contemporary options like video games and role-playing games are increasingly popular. The history of these pastimes and what they mean to us is an undertold story. Several fascinating books are trying to change that, and show the path that brought us to the games of today.

“A History of Video Games in 64 Objects” by the World Video Game Hall of Fame (Dey St., 2018) is one of a pair of books that endeavor to give a bit of visual history to the video game world. This book is both incredibly readable and fascinating to look at. With high-definition pictures of objects that range from foundational pinball machines to arcade games, from massive online multiplayer game servers to a copy of “Oregon Trail,” this title attempts to chart a course from the inception of what would become video games to the current day (as of 2018).

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