By: Frank Burkett

A big to do over the six plus percent in Social Security recipients COLA increase. The increase in the cost of Medicare Insurance hasn’t been announced yet, so we shall see how much of an increase that we get. The COLA increase is based on the recent 2021 inflation rate. By the time the New Year gets here, my guess is, inflation will swallow up more than that six plus percent, and it will be much more. Especially in the everyday consumer goods, energy and food, that are left out of the equation. The increase will do more for our Nations Senators and Representatives though. You see, they along with many others are tied into COLA also. Prior to the Joe Biden Administration, our country was exporting fossil energy, and now he is begging the Persian Gulf countries to step up oil production. Joe even mocks people looking for answers, to their everyday problems, such as empty shelves in major stores of our country. Biden had the gall to say, we citizens doesn’t know how the supply chain works. Joe is blaming the shortage on hoarding. True, that does add to shortage, but I believe all of those ships off the West Coast, sailing around in circles are the biggest reason. The ports can’t, or won’t step up, or perhaps maybe there is a shortage of long shore man for unloading the ships. The stringent laws that California has for truckers, plus the high cost of their diesel oil that the trucks use, has a huge effect on transporting the products, after being unloaded from those ships.

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