By: Frank Burkett

How much energy does the world need now, and in the near future? Most of us can use common sense, and know the world’s needs for electricity can’t be supplied without fossil fuels. And doing away with fossil fuels, was one of Joe Biden’s campaign promises. With the rising gasoline prices skyrocketing, it won’t be long until that byproduct of petroleum, can be only afforded by the wealthy. But the ones that need it so they can go to their work places will suffer, by lowering them and their families standard of living. The middle class will be lower class, and many will be more poorer.

Fossil energy, that Joe Biden declared war on, during his campaigning, and then would be replaced with Green energy. Okay Joe, let me research our energy usage of a few years past and then return to the present. Fossils, oil, natural gas, and coal provide 84% of the world’s energy presently, and that is down just two percentage points from 2002. Petroleum products, provide 97% of the power for all global transportation, and mixed with other components provides 100% of outer space travel. The Green energy zealots, which the present administration rubs shoulders with, sets goals in the year 2050 to be fossil energy independent. How many of those that set the goal will be around in 2050? If perchance someone is, all they have to do is extend the goal to 2075. Then the mass media proclaims, we are fast transitioning away from fossil fuels to Green energy, which is more of their propaganda. Does this sound like fast transitioning? After twenty years, and our government’s investment of five trillion dollars in Green energy, the needle barley moved. The radicals of the Green energy posed that the transition would be easy, but guess what is in the way? ROCKS. Let me explain.

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