(Letter to the Editor)

Once upon a time, long ago, a Father had many children; he loved them all very much. He lived on a pallacial estate, in a multi-room mansion. He had his office in the Great Room; the room was lighted by a myriad of beautifully decorated candles hanging from a grand crystal chandelier.

   The  Father called one of his sons, Abraham, into his office. He said: “I’ve chosen you for a special purpose;  you, and your descendents  will play a unique role in restoring humankind and renewing my creation.” Then the Father took a candle from the chandelier, handed it to his son saying: “Because you have loved me above all else, because you have faith in my judgments and decisions, you will be an example to all my children; you, and your descendents, will be a light for people in every nation.”

   Time passed. Abraham and his descendents took seriously their role as the “chosen ones.” In fact, they came to believe that they were not only the “chosen ones”; they were the “only ones”! They did not always love the Father, nor the rest of His children. They did not always trust the Father’s wisdom or follow His directions.

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