By: Frank Burkett


  Why on earth does Congress have to pass a budget Bill, other than abiding by the law that requires it too? Congress uses required laws at their convenience, but skirt them when necessary to elevate their agenda. A budget for our Federal Government’s coverage of expenditures is just a ruse to fool the citizens of this great country. By making us think they are interested in how careful they are, in frugally spending our money. Well let it be known, you screwballs aren’t fooling anyone, or especially me. The last time our government had a balanced budget, plus a surplus was in the 90s, when Bill Clinton was president. His trick to balance and have a surplus for the budget, was raping the military. Not unlike the president of today, who is doing the same.

  Let me first comment on the then President Donald Trump’s pandemic stimulus spending Bill, of two trillion dollars. It was to sustain our economy, by supplementing the U.S. citizens income that were laid off, because of closed businesses and etc. The reason was  the pandemic. That was in 2019-20, and what hasn’t been spent or stolen, started the inflation that is with us today. The adding of unneeded spending, by the Joe Biden administration is perpetuating inflation, and spiraling it out of control.

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