By: Luke Goeres

I believe social media can be a powerful tool at becoming a more evolved, efficient, and bipartisan communication based approach to help close the large divide we see now. Having a solid foundation on the way you look at policies, ignore politics. And will continue to use it to shine light on the negative psychological impact on passing needed policies. Filibustering just throws gas to this already bright flame on the US political system. People have begun to brush off or annoyed seeing discussion of politics in front of their face, however the way they see it. Political parties, specifically the Reps and Dems; have not been controlled by the voters who put them in. What does? Ego-politics and special interests. Ego-politics is a newer concept that has been a growing concern. Starting with Congress. What’s missing? Empathy; with 62% of leaders requiring work specifically with empathy. A leader is someone who shows the genuine ability to read and react to situations with due diligence. By making the effort to really and understand others.

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