To Advance Health Equity, Disrupt the Prescription Drug Market

By Amy Hinojosa

Hispanic Americans are the least insured racial or ethnic group in the United States. Roughly 20% don’t have health coverage. That’s compared to just 6% of the non-Hispanic white population.

As a leader in the Latina community, I’m calling on my fellow Americans to join me in forging bold and disruptive change to the enduring inequities in our healthcare system.

For decades, our institutions and policies have profoundly underserved members of historically marginalized communities, especially Black and Hispanic populations. Finding ways to upend the status quo and build a more equitable system needs to be a priority.

Prescription drug delivery systems should be at the top of the list for major overhaul. By bringing greater transparency to pricing, insurance practices, and middlemen entities such as pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs), policymakers can clear the path to affordable life-saving medicines and level the playing field for health equity.

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