By: Frank Burkett

The Robb Elementary school massacre at Uvalde, TX happened just days ago, and my heart is sickened that someone would do such a thing as this. Mass shootings happen at schools, but it happens at other venues frequently, these days. At Robb Elementary School, nineteen seven and eight year old boys and girls, never returned home that day, along with two of their teachers. Seventeen others were injured. And now, as usual, we have the finger pointing.

We can point fingers at almost anything and say, if this store hadn’t sold the ammunition and guns to the shooter, none of this would have happened. But to my way of thinking, the mentally challenged eighteen year old that perpetrated the act, is my choice for everyone to point their fingers at. He alone is responsible for this carnage. But as the investigation unfolds, fingers can be pointed at others too. Hopefully, those that unknowingly assisted in providing the means, had no knowledge of this deranged individual’s act that day.

The unemployed eighteen year old that did this atrocity, almost had to have monetary help from someone. So now we can point a finger to the one that helped provide the funds, for him to purchase all of this merchandise. Then we can go on down the line and finger point. The store that sold the lethal weapons, lax of judgment, by the teacher that propped the door open to retrieve a cell phone, after the shooter crashed his auto. She or he deserves finger’s pointed at him or her also. We then have the several lawmen of first responders, that stood in the hallway for almost an hour, before breaching the school room. During this time several more children died. Yes, easy for me to say, the law enforcement should have stormed the room, putting their life on the line and securing the shooter. But let us remember, those law enforcement persons take an oath, and that is their job, too apprehend law breakers, and save lives.

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