By: Frank Burkett

I was thinking about the Green Party’s, and in essence, thinking about the present Democrat Administration. Joe Biden, and his Democrat party are doing exactly what they have set out to do. Price fossil fuels, gasoline and diesel, out of the average persons reach, then regulate coal out of existence, for America’s use. On cue, here comes the scapegoat for Joe Biden and the Democrats. Joe, now shifts the blame for the hikes in fuel prices, to the war in Ukraine, and saddles it on Vladimir Putin. Joe, anytime there happens to be a negative accusation against you, and believe me there has been plenty during your first year in office, it is always the other guys fault. You don’t have the guts of Harry S Truman, because he said, “the buck stops here.” What about not taxing anyone that made less than $400,000? That was a hoax, perpetrated by Joe and his cronies, because we know inflation just happens to be a hidden tax, and it has always been referred to by that definition. Joe, you can blame others, but this 8% inflation, (tax), and climbing, is solely on you and your policies.

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