By: Dr. Don Kuehle

United Methodist, Retired

Jackson,  Missouri

(Letter to the Editor)

   A friend of mine was on vacation. Being an amateur treasure-hunter, he took his geiger counter with him. He had camped in a  mountain meadow, enjoying the beauty of God’s creation. One morning as he walked across the meadow, geiger counter in hand, It began to click like crazy! My friend really got excited! What if there were really some precious metals there? He began to dig. For over an hour he dug around in that meadow. Suddenly, he struck a vein of gold, a vein so rich that he could hardly believe his luck. He knew that he had to have that field, whatever the cost! My friend trekked back into town. Found out who the owner of the  meadow was. The two men met, and were negotiating the price; the owner wanted a half-million dollars for that small meadow-plot! The younger  man was dismayed! Where would he ever get that much money? Yet, he knew that he had to try. As they continued to talk, and haggle over the price, they discovered that they were related! The owner was a long-lost uncle. The older man, deep in thought, finally said: “I’m an old man. I’ve made my fortune; I’m worth Billions. I have no other relatives, except you; and I was wondering what I would do with my vast holdings. Now I know! I’ll make you heir to all I have; and I’ll give you the meadow-field as a gift!” The Kingdom of God is just like that!

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