By: Frank Burkett


Forty-five states and DC allow early voting in general and also midterm elections, but why allow in some cases up to forty-six days for early voting? Even though we had the pandemic during the 2020 election, a couple of weeks to me seem extreme. The least days of early voting are three days in KY, and in two other states, OK and OR, allow four days. During non emergency times, It looks like to me it should be a standard amount of days for all states, especially in National elections, i.e. presidential and midterms.

Some GOP states, this year have ruled that you need a valid photo ID in order to vote. Those GOP states will also make provisions for all eligible voters to acquire a valid photo ID, FREE. Those states also provide provisional ballots to those without photo Ids, so that makes all registered voters, including minorities, able to vote. But then voter suppression is screamed by minorities and the Democrats. I will repeat what many know to be true, photo ID is required for many things that are not nearly important as an honest election.

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