It snowed a week ago in Missouri.  Fires are threatening enormous swaths of forested lands in Colorado and California.  Arctic icecaps continue to melt.   Tropical storms are battering the Southeastern coastal areas of the U.S. in record numbers this hurricane season. With Mother Nature’s weather patterns profoundly out of kilter, we approach the 2020 highly contentious, dark money fueled elections feeling as if the ground beneath our feet might open up and swallow the world we once knew and loved.

Cathy Salter

For me, this feeling began the morning after the November 2016 elections.  The unthinkable had happened, and I felt a heaviness of spirit that has remained with me from that day forth.  I felt like I was drowning in a political nightmare and did the only thing I could think of to save myself.  I joined a local fitness club with a saltwater pool and started swimming for my life.  I hadn’t done any serious swimming since my early teens but convinced myself it would be like riding a bicycle.  Once learned, it would be as if I’d never missed a day in the pool.  And so, I gathered together the gear that I needed—suit, goggles, and bathing cap–and literally made the plunge.

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