By:  Ernie Wren

  According to it is “not uncommon to experience fatigue, sadness, difficulty concentrating, and a disruption in your sleep schedule during the winter season”.  One tip to deal with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is making sure you have plenty of physical activity.  “Physical activity has been shown to boost mood, decrease the symptoms of depression, and reduce stress.  Start slowly and build up to 30 to 60 minutes a day, five days a week, of aerobic exercise, strength training, yoga, or other fitness-related activities.  Getting outside daily, even for a few minutes a day, can make a huge impact on your mood and help target the specific symptoms of SAD related to a lack of daylight. Other tips to fight the winter blues include: Taking a break from news, eating foods high in Vitamin D (fish, milk, yogurt, etc.), keeping your sleep routine regular, calling your support system (friends, family, professionals), seeking out the sun, light therapy, and medical help.”

  Our Southern Boone YMCA offers some great winter activities to beat the “winter blues”.  For me, working out with a trainer has been very beneficial.  Losing weight and improving my health has always been a goal, but I am also finding an increase in my flexibility through exercises designed to meet my needs.  Jessica Crump is an excellent trainer that is ACE certified, and understands the needs of older bodies vs. younger bodies.  I can do squats to my ankles and get up off the floor without the usual groans now!  There are a number of trainers at the Y that are certified and offer additional expertise.  These include Sarah Highland, with a specialization in postpartum exercise, and Marshall Corbin, who has a specialization in conditioning.

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