By: Dr. Don Kuehle

      Three farmers — a Texan, A Kansan, and a Missourian all died on the same day. All three men were cremated. The Kansan and the Texan were reduced to ashes in a matter of minutes. The next day, the Missourian was still sitting amid the flames saying: “Another couple of  days like this and we’ll have no corn crop at all.” We all joke about the weather; we can’t do much about it.

      I overheard a man say just the other day: “This it the worst drought I’ve ever seen in my life!” According to weather sources, he’s probably right.

Corn crops are twisting and suffering. Lawns are turning brown. Trees and shrubs are withering and dying. Fish and birds and animals are all seeking relief. The high heat and humidity cause health problems for we humans.

Every living thing needs water in order to survive and live! Without enough water, everything withers and dies.

      The worst drought I’ve ever seen? No!  The worst drought is the spiritual drought all around us! It affects all of us at one time or another.

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