by Lexi Lawson

The race for the Boone County Commissioner, South County District, is beginning to heat up with the Republican and Democratic primaries on August 2.

Two of those Democrats are Ted Farnen and Ann Peters.

Ted Farnen is an editor for the Missouri School Board Association. He graduated from the Missouri School of Journalism in 1987 and has held many jobs in writing, communications and government.

Farnen said he initially became interested in government because his parents both had government jobs.

“My dad was a coroner and my mom was a public administrator,” Farnen said. “So I think that’s where it started.”

However, he said he really knew he wanted to be in government when he was hired to work in the communications office for the Missouri Senate.

“I was doing that job when I got elected to the Missouri House of Representatives.” Farnen said.

Farnen was a state representative for eight years. After he left, he said he was asked to run for other offices, but none of them felt right. When he was asked to run for commissioner, he said he knew he was the right person for the job.

“This is a great fit for me because of my experience, my interest in county government and my openness to new ideas.” Farnen said.

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