by Bruce Wallace

Ashland businessman Dave Westhoff has a new computer program at his office at the corner of Main and Henry Clay. It controls his business on east Broadway – the one 44-feet above the Ashland overpass.

Westhoff maintains his new digital sign on east Broadway from his desk.

“Actually, I can control it from wherever I have a computer,” Westhoff said, “whether I’m at the lake, or at home – I just need the computer to change advertisements, or put new ads on the sign.”

Boone County’s first digital sign went live a few weeks ago and Westhoff says results have been positive. While a county commissioner panned the idea in a TV interview, Westhoff says the better digital reproduction and the number of cars on Highway 63 is enticing to advertisers.

“The reason some say these could be distracting is because of the ‘flash,’ but there is no flash on this sign, no video. The sign has a 30-second hold – that’s the Mo-Dot standard,” Westhoff said.

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