What does 2021 and beyond look like for Ashland businesses and growth?  Regional Economic Development Inc. (REDI) President Stacey Button, Executive Vice President Bernie Andrews, and Communications Director Jean Nicklas share with Boone County Journal readers their thoughts regarding current and future economic activities with Southern Boone. 

Regional Economic Development Inc., known to most people as REDI, is proud to continue its partnership with the City of Ashland. REDI is a local collaboration that works to coordinate economic development programs and projects that benefit the residents and communities of Boone County. REDI includes many partners and provides a wide array of programs, all to help create quality, living-wage jobs that provide upward economic mobility and sustain a dynamic local economy.

REDI brings together the City of Columbia, Boone County, the University of Missouri, local businesses, organizations, educational institutions, municipalities, service agencies and more to coordinate economic development programs that create jobs.  The City of Ashland is a founding investor in REDI, having supported and participated in the collaboration since its beginning in 1988. Together, the REDI collaboration works to attract new businesses to the area, support existing businesses so they can thrive and expand, and help entrepreneurs grow startup businesses. These businesses in turn create and retain jobs for our community’s residents. And as the employees and employers succeed, they contribute to our tax base that support schools, libraries, roads, public safety and other services.

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By Ernie Wren