By: Carson Blake

Southern Boone County School Board President Steve Condron resigned from the board effective immediately on Friday, Feb. 11. Condron was elected to the board in April, 2016 and he has served the school board for almost six years. The school board has dealt with extraordinary circumstances throughout the pandemic and Condron previously told the Journal that he would not be running for school board re-election this spring for personal reasons; however, with two meetings left in his term Condron resigned. “At this point in my tenure I feel as though a line has been crossed in the governance this board provides and a lack of adherence to the ethics standards required to board members in our own policy BBF”, said Condron. Condron listed three allegations in his resignation letter of school board members failing to adhere to policy,, including: “Becoming informed concerning the issues to be considered at each meeting; Refraining from using their board position for the benefit of family members or themselves; and, “Rendering decisions based on facts and independent judgement rather than succumbing to the influence of individuals or special interest groups.”

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