By: Frank Burkett

Here is a beef that some employees will pick up on right away. The Pandemic has brought about work place discrimination. In a way some employees working at the same location receive perks that others at the same pay grade do not. How so, you may ask? Some employees were told to work from home, others were given the option to work from home if they wished. Some that worked, in maintenance, grounds keeping, food services or others. Where it would be impossible to do their work from home did not get the same perks. Not only that, but fraudulent IRS claims are bound to arise when at home employees overstate their at home office expenses for tax deductions. Folks, legitimately have been working from out of their home for years. This has used home space as their office then have made a reasonable tax deduction. There have been many audits to ensure the deductions were legit. That is a warning, to those who are new to using a portion of your home for a tax write off. You see the added employees of 87,000 to the IRS that President Joe Biden is asking for has to earn their keep. One way is to do more audits..

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