Alderman Dorise “Mr. Fireworks”

Slinker Gets it Done For all of his other successful fundraising efforts in Ashland and Southern Boone, Alderman Dorise Slinker may very well be remembered as the person who brought fireworks to Ashland. Long time residents remember well the numerous times over the past 25+ years that residents have mentioned the possibility of Ashland hosting its own fireworks show, only to not see it go forward due to a number of reasons including: “Hartsburg has a good show”, “Ashland doesn’t have the money”, “It’s too challenging to get it started this year”, and more. To be sure, Hartsburg always puts on a fun picnic and fireworks display, which will be hosted this year on July 17th, so make plans to attend if you’re free that night. But Ashland has grown, and with that growth comes an even greater demand for Ashland to expand on its special events and recreational activities. Enter Alderman Dorise Slinker, who began asking various organizations and businesses whether this year was THE year to make it happen.

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