by Bruce Wallace

Law enforcement officers Lyn Woolford, Trevor Fowler and Tom Reddin thought they were coming to a SoBoCo school board meeting to discuss security and safety of students during the upcoming school year.

However, school board members and Superintendent Chris Felmlee didn’t want to talk school safety – at least, not Monday night.

The school board unanimously approved a proclamation thanking area law enforcement officers for the daily work, to honor those law enforcement officers who have lost their lives recently and “pro-actively support our law enforcement officers who regularly face threats of violence and danger and routinely put their lives in jeopardy to keep our neighborhoods safe, enforce the rules of law, protect our property and respond in times of crises.”

All three were given individual plaques with the proclamation and an enthusiastic standing ovation of appreciation.

“We have overwhelming support in this community,” Ashland Police Chief Lyn Woolford said of his police department, “and we are proud of that. We remain dedicated to whatever we might encounter – and we want to continue to protect this community.”

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