by Lexi Larson

The Ashland Board of Alderman voted last Tuesday night, July 19, to allow the rezoning of CL Richardson’s property on Liberty Lane from commercial to residential.

Scott Schooler said he wants to buy Richardson’s land so his company, Schooler Construction, can build six duplexes on the property.

Residents of the Middleton subdivision opposed this change because they said it would add more traffic to the area, bring down property values and possibly add more crime to the neighborhood.

Schooler spoke to residents at Tuesday night’s meeting and answered questions about their concerns.

One resident asked if allowing this zoning change would set a precedent that would make it easier for land owners to change how their property is zoned.

“When I bought my home I was told that that land was zoned commercially,” the resident said. “I didn’t know that zoning can just be changed like this.”

Board of Alderman member Jesse Bronson said this vote won’t change anything, and that any change will need to go through the board the same as any other zonning change.

“Just because we approve one zoning doesn’t mean it’ll make it easier for other people.” Bronson said.