In early April when Governor Mike Parson closed down in-seat K-12 Classes statewide due to the COVID -19 virus, alternative plans were being discussed to provide high school seniors with the activities they have been looking forward to.  School Superintendent Chris Felmlee stated that, “We WILL have prom and graduation. It will not be in May. More than likely in July. It is incredibly important to me to have both of these celebrations for the students, their families and the community.”  This changed last week when Mr. Felmlee stated that there is no way the district can comply with the health order and host prom any time soon.  

Parents received communication from high school principal Dale Van Deen communicating the following: 

“I am writing today to announce that we have to cancel Prom this year.  I am very sorry to have to inform you of this news, but we really have no choice.  County guidelines and the climbing infection rate dictate that we would have to guarantee that social distancing practices would be followed, specifically while dancing and posing for pictures.  There is no way we can make that kind of guarantee, and we do not want to hold a Prom where we would have to enforce students maintaining a minimum of 6 feet between themselves.  This is largely why we have to join the other Boone County high schools in cancelling Prom this year.   

The sponsors organizing the 2020 Roaring ’20s Prom have spent the past few months rescheduling vendors, changing locations, and revising purchase orders for pandemic-friendly contingency plans.   They have worked tirelessly to try to find a way to host a school-sponsored Prom but unfortunately, there is no way to do so and keep our students, staff, and volunteers safe while meeting county guidelines.

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By Ernie Wren