With Summer now in full swing, it is the perfect time to be outside. For Boone County Residents, Ashland and Hartsburg have some lovely areas for recreation.

Nestled between the middle and high schools and surrounding neighborhoods is the Ashland City Park. The main entrance is right off of Ash St, leading to a parking lot that is flanked by a tennis court and butterfly garden beds. There is also a restroom right by the parking lot. The park has two mulch playground areas, one focused on younger children and the other for older kids. The first playground for younger kids has a jungle gym, swing set, and two wooden structures perfect for climbing and adventuring in. There are also a few spring-riders and a sandbox. On one side of the playground, the park’s pond can be found. The pond has a fountain in the center and is often used for fishing. The second playground for older children is equipped with a larger jungle gym, a swing set, and a tire swing. A second sandbox lies nearby. There are also two large pavilions furnished with picnic tables and a wooden gazebo next to the playground. A small creek splits the two playgrounds, running through the entire park, starting in the woods on one end and ending in the woods on the other. There are three bridges for crossing the creek. The park also has a volleyball court, a large grassy field, a baseball diamond, and a small disc golf course. The entire park is surrounded by a track for runners and cyclists, and there are benches scattered throughout the area. 

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By Alex Naughton