“We are rolling the dice,” said SoBoCo School Board President Steven Condron. The School Board is facing budget dilemmas after Governor Parsons cut education by 39% in the month of June, and will be announcing more State withholdings for the 2020 – 2021 school year.

SoBoCo School Board has been slowly decreasing their budget reserves over the several years. Last year the School Board approved a 12% budget reserve, one of its lowest, until now. In previous years, the School Board kept an 18 – 20% reserve budget.

The SoBoCo school district increase in student population is straining the budget.

“The school district, like companies, can grow faster than cash flow can allow,” said School Board member Joe Miller. An estimated expense of “$7,000 per student for total expenditures to educate them; keeps growing with kids. The more kids the tighter it gets for the tax base.”

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By Carson Blake