By: Mike Roux

I hope and pray that you all had a very blessed Christmas. Since Nancy and I moved to Columbia about 2-years ago, I have many new friends. When these new hunting buddies find out I moved here from Illinois, most of them ask me the same question; “Where can go there to hunt?” The following story will answer that question for them and for all of you with the same query. In my several years of hunting with Sam and Bill Ferguson at Buckeye Creek Outfitters. I have met lots of great people. Some of these folks came back year after year to share the food fellowship and fabulous hunting that Pike County, Illinois offers here at the Buckeye Creek Lodge. Jack Yeomans is one of their most frequent hunters. Jack has been coming here from Durham, CT for 16 seasons now. This young 64-year-old has been in the bow stand for over 52 years. One of his favorite stories is of the 150-inch 11-point bruiser that he took at Buckeye Creek years past.

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