( In Memory of a Special Man)

By: Mike Roux

For those you who may not know a thing about a military rifle called the M1 Garand,

Here is a bit of history.  This rifle was the standard issue weapon for American infantry soldiers in WW II and in Korea.  This semi-automatic rifle was produce in the .30-06 caliber and holds a clip of eight rounds.  After the eighth round is fired the action ejects the clip and locks open to receive the next eight-shot clip.  This rapid firing, rapid loading rifle gave American troops a huge advantage against enemies carrying slower bolt action guns.

My Father-In-Law, Bob Langan served our country in Korea.  Bob was a quiet man and seldom spoke about his time there.  He was very proud of his service to our country, but very reserved about it, as well.  In conversations with Bob I did discover that he carried, among other guns, an M1 Garand in Korea. He also told me how much he liked that gun. That put me on a path to find one for him.

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