By: Tara Blue
A new marijuana consumption lounge is planned for Ashland and owners Chip Swarzentruber and Valorie Frost want to clear the air with the public before any possible misconceptions arise. “Mary Jane’s Place” will provide a “safe, comfortable place for people to legally use their own marijuana”, according to Ashland native Chip. He also says it will be the only marijuana consumption lounge within 120 miles and hopes it will bring more business to Ashland.

Located at 503 Douglas Drive next to NAPA Auto Parts, Mary Jane’s Place will only be open to anyone 21 years or older. The front of the building will feature a smoke shop where the public may purchase tobacco and marijuana consumption items, such as bongs, pipes, clothes, dream catchers, and more. Frost assures the public that “you won’t find anything in our smoke shop that is used for consuming anything but legal marijuana and/or tobacco”.

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