By: Ernie Wren
While many enjoyed a great night of country music at Lakeside Ashland’s recent “Midwest Country Fest” event, some found the event too loud for comfort and shared their displeasure with the Ashland Police Department (APD). The round of complaints included approximately 30 phone calls to 311 regarding alleged noise violations on the weekend of August 19th.
The allowable decibel reading per city ordinance is up to 75 decibels, which is the equivalent to an alarm clock (70-80 dB) or a dishwasher (75 dB) ( According to Ashland Interim Police Chief Young, decibel readings did not exceed 75 dB throughout the day of the event. Per City Administrator Kyle Michel, the residents of Log Providence Rd. have been invited to the board of alderman meetings, where they could ask the city to amend the decibel levels in city ordinance but have yet to show up. Michel says that neighboring residents have made it clear that their expectation is zero noise heard or produced by Lakeside. Other neighbors in the vicinity have reported no noise concerns. (Columbia Tribune, 08/27/2023).

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