Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday, June 21. In a time of uncertainty and unrest, it is important to give thanks to the fathers and father figures in our lives giving us guidance. 

There are more than 70 million fathers in the United States. There are also countless men who serve as mentors and role-models to children that aren’t their own. This Father’s Day, let your dad, your male mentor, your father figure, know just how much their support and love mean to you. It could be a gift, it could be a card, it could just be words, but let them know that they are appreciated.

All throughout history, fathers have served as staunch supporters, protectors, and inspirations to their children. They are there when we get hurt, when we need help, and when we need to laugh. Dads have inspired inventions and they have created viral works of art just to entertain their children. There are many dad-based events of note in history. The drinking fountain was invented in 1912 by Halsey Taylor in honor of his father, who died from typhoid fever after drinking from a contaminated public water supply. A.A. Milne created Winnie the Pooh for his son, Christopher Robin. Stevie Wonder’s song “Isn’t She Lovely” was written about his newborn daughter. In the 1950s, Harry Truman threatened a Washington Post music critic after they gave Truman’s daughter’s concert a bad review. 

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By Alex Naughton