This past Tuesday, June 16th, Alderman Richard Sullivan made the transition into his new role as City of Ashland Mayor.  Mayor Sullivan grew up in Mexico, Missouri, and was the oldest of three boys. He has been married to his wife Kellie for nine years, and they have two children: an eight-year-old son, Zion, and a one-year-old daughter, Gracie. Richard has been involved in ministry for over twenty years, and has served as Ward 2 Alderman in Ashland for the last two years. 

To start off his term, we at the Boone County Journal asked Mayor Sullivan a series of five questions to let residents know what’s coming up for Ashland.  

1. What immediate fixes (if any) do you believe are top priorities for Ashland?

I want to prioritize and attempt to fix the ongoing issues that are continuing to affect Ashland residents. Some of these are already in the process of being resolved.

The completion of the recycling lot. The new area will be fenced, have a hard surface for the roll-off and will be monitored via video

Completion of a new city website that is user friendly and highlights our beautiful community 

 The hiring of a plan reviewer to serve on our city staff. We need to make sure our current building codes are followed and examine those that may need to be revised or implemented

 We need to focus on our stormwater and deteriorating street issues. We need to have a strategic plan to fix the long-term problems and prevent new ones going forward.

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By Ernie Wren