Last week I used a quote from Thomas Jefferson in which he stated, “We do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.”  This quote is equally important to this week’s topic which is the City of Ashland’s 10-year Comprehensive Plan.  In July, citizens will be presented with the opportunity to meet with city officials and board members to discuss the long-term outlook and planning for Ashland.  This Comprehensive Plan, prepared by Streiler Planning, LLC offers a guiding document to Ashland growth and strategic priorities.  This is the opportunity for residents to agree or disagree with the plans, share their thoughts, and engage in directing a new path for the city.  

“The Comprehensive Plan is an official document adopted by the Planning Commission and serves as a policy guide to help make decisions about the physical development of the community. The Comprehensive Plan is the legal and conceptual foundation for the City’s Zoning Code and all other land use regulations in the City.”  While the consultants have a current draft, creating the final plan is accomplished through a series of phases;

 Phase One: Prior to the public participation phase, the team of consultants prepared an Existing Conditions Report. The Existing Conditions section of the Comprehensive Plan presents a “snapshot” of the City of Ashland beginning with its historic background. The Existing Conditions report also includes a summary of Ashland’s current population, key demographic characteristics, and a description of its geography.

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By Ernie Wren