The Missouri House passed several key pieces of legislation this past week: Legislation to create Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (HB 349), Legislation to reinstate the Voter ID Law (HB 334), Legislation to prevent the abuse of Eminent Domain (HB 527) and the First Responders Protection Act (HB 59). These bills now head to Senate for their consideration. You can read more details on this legislation, below.

The House Budget Committee has finished hearing from all of the state departments and entities regarding their Fiscal Year 2022 budgets and Governor’s recommendations. This week, the appropriations subcommittees will hold their markup hearings to make recommendations (amendments) to the state department budgets that fall under their purview. The subcommittee on appropriations that I chair will meet Monday at 1 p.m. for the budget markup hearing for the departments of Public Safety, Revenue, Transportation and Corrections.

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By Sara Walsh