Lila Frazier capped a stellar music career at SoBoCo by winning individual gold medals in both piano and voice (soprano) at the State Music Festival last week.  Lila’s voice performance featured Allerseelen by Strauss, a soaring German aria about love lost long ago that Lila filled with an emotional angst beyond her years.  Her piano piece was Nocturne in B flat minor by Chopin from the Romantic era.  “Earning gold at State is a great achievement,” said Music Director Justin Nabors.  “Winning golds for both voice and playing an instrument is exceedingly rare, and has not happened for any students from Southern Boone in about 15 years.”

Southern Boone had several performers earn silver medals at State.  “Silver medalists show a high level of excellence,” said Nabors.  “These kids worked hard and have done very well.”  Soloist silver winners were Aurora Shipley, voice; Lily Frazier, voice, and Eleanor Samuels playing alto saxophone.  The ensemble of Claire Berghold, Cailyn Chaney, Kyra Hoey, Lauren Parker, Lila and Lily Frazier also won silver.  Unfortunately, another solo qualifier, Charlie Lewis, was too ill to perform at State, which is a shame as he would have placed well in the solo voice competition along with joining partners Kaylee Fauss and Aurora Shipley in a trio.  All voice performances can be viewed on the Choir Facebook page at

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